ALOHA and Happy Holidays from TOBE Co. Food Safety!    I always cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food. — W.C. Fields, Tom Frigge My apologies for this post being late.  I’ve been extremely busy recovering from foodborne illness, teaching classes, conducting audits, and mostly defining issues/solutions to the proposed new Food […]

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WASH YOUR HANDS! That’s what my mother always said. But how important . . .

WASH YOUR HANDS!  That’s what my mother always said, so it’s been ingrained in me since I was a kid.  But how important is it really in restaurant kitchens? Simply put, handwashing is the most important and most basic part of Food Safety there is. It is the #1 way to prevent a foodborne illness. […]

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TOBE Co. Food Safety Offers Discounts for HRA, HHLA Members KANEOHE, HI – TOBE Co. Food Safety today announced its 2010 schedule and pricing for ServSafe® Food Safety Training and Certification Classes. “Restaurant operators in Hawaii are becoming more aware of challenges to Food Safety and the need for training, so our business is growing […]

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TOBE Co. Food Safety Continues As ETF Vendor KANEOHE, HI – TOBE Co. Food Safety today announced its 2009 schedule and pricing for ServSafe Food Safety Classes. TOBE Co. President Tom Frigge said, “We’re very happy to continue to provide this all important service to the restaurants and people of Hawaii.” Even though there is […]

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